Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Please Help Save Our Son’s Life By Sharing This Page

Our son Jonah  needs a kidney to live. Not necessarily your kidney, but someone’s.  You can help simply by sharing this Kidney4Jonah.com on Facebook and elsewhere.

Together we can find that angel willing to do the extraordinary by giving the gift of life to save our son Jonah. 

Jonah Selber

Jonah  Selber has end-stage renal failure.  With only 14% kidney function remaining, and getting worse quickly, Jonah needs an angel to step forward to save his life by donating a kidney.  We know. It's a big ask.  So we are not asking you to donate.  But we are asking for your help in another way - please share this post – even if you're not a donor.  Sharing and re-sharing of your post and this website address (Kidney4Jonah.com) with a short message on Facebook or other social media can bring our need to the attention of someone who might consider becoming a donor. 

About Jonah

I am Jonah’s mom.  I gave him  my kidney 11 years ago, but now it is failing.  Jonah has his whole happy, productive life ahead of him. He’s an accomplished, social, upbeat young man who has succeeded in life  “against all odds”.  Jonah was born with a cognitive impairment. The doctors told us to “put him away” and forget him.  We didn’t.  And now Jonah lives in his own apartment, he’s been working every day for 20 years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he is a valued employee.  He has an active life, pays taxes, votes and volunteers to help others.  And now he’s the one that needs help.

Jonah is terrified of dialysis.  With good reason.  He actually knows two people who died waiting for a kidney. That is a chilling story to  know.  He also knows that dialysis means giving up the life he’s worked so hard to achieve.  The waiting list in Pennsylvania is 3-5 years. Jonah will not survive that wait.

We all need Jonah to remain in our lives.  And Jonah desperately wants to live.

We are hoping and praying that by you sharing this website, Kidney4Jonah.com, an angel somewhere out there will be moved to step forward as a donor.  All medical expenses, out of pocket expenses, lost work expenses and the like will be paid by insurance and our family. 

How to Help Jonah Right Now 

I need your help to find a kidney donor so I can live.

Please take a few minutes to tell the world about Jonah and this website: 
  • Email:  Send this website to your friends (all of them) by email. 
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Ask your contacts, readers, friends, acquaintances, synagogues, churches, businesses to share this post  and Kidney4Jonah.com to give our message exponential distribution. 

Speak with Someone Confidentially and Without Obligation 

RENEWAL: Jonah and his family are working with Renewal of Life, a remarkable non-profit organization.  To learn how you can save a life or for more information about kidney donation, please call Renewal at 718-431-9831, ext. 209 or email R24002@RENEWAL.org.

All inquiries to Renewal are strictly confidential and are without any obligation. Renewal can also put you in touch with others who have donated a kidney and are willing to share their experience.

All medical costs for evaluation and surgery are covered by the recipient’s insurance* and ancillary costs, such as travel expenses and lodging, can be covered by the recipient's family and/or Renewal.


TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL: where Jonah is approved for transplant. They will not disclose your inquiry to Jonah or his family. Please mention  Jonah Selber when you call:

Jenny Smith
Transplant Coordinator

Your questions will be answered by a qualified professional who is familiar with Jonah’s case.  Your confidential phone call will provide information only, without any obligation to proceed further. 

All medical costs for evaluation and surgery are covered by the recipient’s insurance* and ancillary costs, such as travel expenses and lodging, can be covered by the recipient's family.


Please click for donor information link

All medical costs for evaluation and surgery are covered by the recipient’s insurance* and ancillary costs, such as travel expenses and lodging, can be covered by the recipient's family.


Ned Brooks, Non-directed Kidney Donor
Founder of DonorToDonor.org
Delivers a TedX Talk on His Experience

What if A Prospective Donor is Not a Compatible Match? Temple’s Transplant Center has long participated in paired kidney exchanges.  A paired kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap,” occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient.  If an incompatible donor wants to donate their kidney for Jonah and is willing to participate in a donor swap, Jonah's donor's kidney would be swapped with another donor's kidney that is incompatible with their recipient but whose kidney is compatible with Jonah's body.  That saves two lives.

If You'd Like More Information: You can learn more about kidney transplantation by visiting these informative websites: 

Help Us by Sharing: Even if you’re not a potential donor yourself, some good Samaritan among your Facebook (and other) friends might be! Please share this now. Do more than "like" or comment.  Likes and comments are the "hopes and prayers" of social media. Shares = action, the action needed here.  Together, we can do this.  Sharing this post could help Jonah immensely.  You could be the key to saving his life.  What a gift that would be.

Thank you,
Judith Creed and Jerry Selber

*About Costs: Reasonable cost reimbursement is legal.  Title III of The National Organ Transplant Act, 1984, Pub. L. 998-507, allows for reasonable payments associated with the removal, transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, and storage of human organs as well as for the expenses of travel, housing, and lost wages incurred by the donor of a human organ in connection with the donation of that organ.   While reimbursement of expenses is legal, payment for the acquisition of an organ is not.

In addition, our medical insurance covers the costs of medical care and hospitalization for the donor as well as for the recipient.